The Tears You Can’t Control

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by Jonathan Farris

I’m not a fan of surprises. Not in business and not in my personal life. But as a dad whose son was killed in 2007, my personal life continues to serve up an endless sea of surprises – often in the form of tears.

It doesn’t matter that Paul died nearly ten years ago. It doesn’t matter that we’ve learned to go about our lives without him. The emotion of suddenly losing a child simply never abates. That emotion may not be quite as close to the surface as immediately following the death, but it is always lurking nearby.

A few days ago, while cleaning around the house, I opened a cabinet and found a box of condolence cards. I wanted to read some of them, but I didn’t make it through the first one before another complete meltdown.

It sucks. It’s not fair. But there aren’t any options other than learning to deal with the tears that you can’t control.

Condolence notesBox of sympathy cards and notes from 2007
adminThe Tears You Can’t Control

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