Pursuit for Change is a national police pursuit victims’ advocacy group based in Wisconsin. The organization works with legislators, media and law enforcement and is focused on pursuit policies, laws, technology and officer training to reduce unnecessary police chases and save innocent citizen and police officer lives. We're working towards the following goals:  
  • Mandatory Federal statistical tracking of pursuit injuries and deaths
  • Greater grant funding for utilization of pursuit reduction technology
  • Law enforcement funding for pursuit driving training
  • Pursuit policy modifications including greater inter-jurisdictional policy consistency and movement toward violent felony-only pursuits

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Advocacy and Media Activities

Jonathan Farris, Advocate for Public Safety and Public Speaker, with his son Paul

Jon’s son, Paul Farris, was killed on Memorial Day weekend in 2007. A fleeing driver, being chased by a Massachusetts State Trooper, struck the cab in which Paul and his girlfriend Katelyn were riding. Paul died. The cab driver, Walid Chahine, died. Kate was critically injured, but survived. The offending driver was being pursued for a simple illegal u-turn violation.

Please visit The Paul Farris Memorial Website to learn more about our story.


To learn more about our advocacy and for questions, law enforcement support, media requests, speaking or training opportunities, please contact us.


Estimated Deaths 1979 – 2017


Estimated Injuries 1979 – 2017 (FBI interpolated)


Estimated LEOs Killed


Billions In Liability Costs


The National Issue of High Speed Traffic Pursuits

Police chases are a national issue with staggering local impacts. Pursuits claim hundreds of lives and injure thousands each year, yet this topic continues to fall on deaf ears. This national issue destroys families in an instant. It deserves a national outcry for meaningful change and to finally give a voice to those who are no longer here to call attention to this problem.

Vehicle pursuits, on average, kill a person each day, injure thousands of people annually, and are the second most deadly event a police officer faces, second only to death by firearms. Considering this is a national issue, one would assume that there are state and federal funded programs for law enforcement to enhance training, to adopt 21st century policing and technology and to reduce the number of chases – yet the stark reality is that no designated funding exists.

Please see our 2015 petition that allowed you be a voice for the countless innocent victims and families who have been torn apart by these events, by finally creating federal legislation to help end these tragedies.

Your voice is needed! Contact your legislators to let them know that you support legislation that will:

  1. Demand state and federal policy changes guiding law enforcement agencies to adopt significantly safer pursuit polices, smarter pursuit practices and more consistent procedures to reduce innocent victim and law enforcement injuries and deaths.
  2. Demand mandatory reporting for all Federal, State and Local police pursuits to the Bureau of Justice Statistics.
  3. Legislate dedicated funding for increased pursuit safety. This funding will support much needed law enforcement training programs and technology to improve decision-making, police coordination and police conduct.

  • Police pursuits, for the most part, are merely a passing newspaper story or television headline, forgotten by readers and viewers a few minutes later. But for the hundreds of relatives and thousands of friends of these innocent victims, the pain is real and never goes away. Never.

    Jon Farris
  • The uncertainty about the death and injury tolls obscures the danger of police chases.

    Jon Farris
  • A pursuit is probably the most unique and dangerous job law enforcement can do.

    Tulsa Police Maj. Travis Yates

Let’s create meaningful change and help create legislation and funding that will keep your families and communities safe!