WHDH TV 7NEWS Boston – Jon and Katelyn in the news

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An excellent story by Investigative Reporter Samantha Kummerer. Special thanks to Kate for agreeing to be interviewed.

Link to the video at the bottom of the page.


7 Investigates: Police Chases

SOMERVILLE, MASS. (WHDH) – A call at 4 a.m. changed Jonathan Farris’ life.

“It was an emergency room hospital doctor who told us that Paul had been killed in a car accident,” Farris said recalling that fatal night in May 2007.

His 23-year-old son was minutes away from his Somerville destination when a black SUV crashed into his taxi. The crash killed Paul and the taxi driver.

“By far the worst thing that could possibly happen to a parent,” Farris said.

Paul was a musician and had just graduated from Tufts University. His girlfriend Katelyn Hoyt was also in the cab and was seriously injured.

“I had a shattered pelvis, broken sternum, broken ribs, broken wrist and a traumatic brain injury,” Hoyt recalled.

She had to relearn to walk and had to slowly gain her memories back.

“I didn’t remember who he was and then I did and then all these memories flooded back; terrible and awesome and a lot of depression. A lot of sadness but a lot of happiness too to have known him and to love him,” Hoyt said remembering Paul.


adminWHDH TV 7NEWS Boston – Jon and Katelyn in the news

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