Seventeen Years

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By Jon Farris, dad and Chief Advocate, Pursuit For Change.

Paul Farris, circa 2001-2002

Seventeen Years

Paul Farris was killed on May 27, 2007. He was 23 years old.

So now, for the seventeenth year, we remember his smile and grieve his unnecessary death at the hands of a man running from police and a trooper who made a terrible decision to pursue.

Yet, even after so many years, too many law enforcement agencies continue to instigate incredibly dangerous and deadly chases for simple traffic violations and property crimes – even when that driver was not endangering anyone at the time the pursuit was started. 

Now even law enforcement professionals and the Justice Department think pursuits should be limited to only two situations, “… pursuits should take place only when two very specific standards are met: (1) A violent crime has been committed and (2) the suspect poses an imminent threat to commit another violent crime.” (PERF Report here)

For us, fighting this fight to restrict most pursuits and to save INNOCENT LIVES, is incredibly difficult and mentally stressful. But we know our work DOES HELP, so we’ll continue.

We miss you and love you immensely, Paul.


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