Nine Years. Celebrating Paul Farris With Music

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May 27, 2016 is the 9th anniversary of Paul’s death. I usually write a short blog focusing on Paul and how his death impacted so many people – especially Roberta, Scott and me.

But this year I’d like to try something different.

For those of you who knew Paul personally, he was passionate about music. He began listening to mom and dad’s favorite bands and artists at a very young age. As he got older he began to sing and perform, first in school choirs and then in bands and by himself. Most of the music  recorded by Paul and the bands Paul was in is now housed at our memorial site ( Many of the bands I still listen to today came to me via Paul.

So, back to this nine year anniversary. I  wonder what musical genres, bands and singers Paul would be listening to today if he were here with us?  

To you, his friends and acquaintances, how about participating in an experiment and sharing your thoughts and song selection(s) with me at or  I’ll collect everyone’s songs and publish a list with links to the songs (or videos).


Here are a few I think he might have discovered and sent to me…
> Niamh by KieTheVez:
> Adrift by Lunatic Soul:
> Senza Tempo by Paul Cusick:
> Caterpillar and the Barbed Wire by Riverside:

Some photos of Paul and theMark bandmates:

Paul & theMark1 boston 018 theMark 09292003 tshirt2 mark_header2 Brown University concert Tuft's choir - Paul Farris Paul singing Spring Fling (Tufts) theMark group_052004a-1(2) theMark tourbackground theMark IMG_0166 theMark BU Battle 3 theMark IMG_1482 Alec & Paul DSC00937 theMark Picture 012 theMark  PaultheMark DSCF0028 theMark theMark 02112006_renamed_8447 Paul 2003 guitar-sing Paul Farris - theMark 1


adminNine Years. Celebrating Paul Farris With Music

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