Criminals’ Photos Should Not Be Included In News Stories

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During February and March of 2018, Jonathan Farris wrote a short editorial / opinion piece. This was sent to several newspapers, both national and local. As of today, none of these opinion pieces have been published.

As a result, we will post the information at the PFC website and work our communications through social media accounts.

Opinion: Criminals’ Photos Should Not Be Included In News Stories

Let me be brief.

People keep killing innocent citizens – every day and in so many different ways. Each day we read and view these stories and mentally live through the tragedy faced by those impacted

Sadly, however, even our finest media sources raise too many criminals to celebrity status – by posting their photos, over and over and over.

For example, why in the world should the face of shooter Nikolas Cruz be highlighted in nearly every newspaper and magazine and television news show?  Doesn’t that simply elevate him hero status for other confused souls? I certainly have no need to ever see his face.

Personally, every single day, I read about drivers arrested for running from police. And regularly these pursuits injure and kill innocent bystanders and law enforcement officers. Yet, way too often, the criminals’ photos lead the story. Why?

Please keep up your ​terrific reporting. The narrative is important. But have the guts to stop displaying photographs and videos of the criminals, because these people are not the ones who deserve recognition and certainly do not deserve to be shown.

Jonathan Farris is founder and Chief Advocate for Pursuit For Change, an advocacy working to change federal and local pursuit policies to reduce innocent bystander and LEO deaths and injuries. Mr Farris’ oldest son was an innocent victim killed in a high speed pursuit in 2007. Learn more at

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