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Nov. 14, 2016

Pursuit For Change Chief Advocate, Jon Farris, will be attending WINx 2016 in Chicago this week. 

During the past few years I’ve been significantly more engaged with the law enforcement community. I have to say that the more time I spend with these professionals, the more I am able to balance my perspective about reducing unnecessary police chases while recognizing the needs and challenges LEOs face getting bad players off the streets.

This year I’ve attended many police training sessions, a national police chief’s conference and this week, WINx 2016 in Chicago. So why do this? Perhaps a blurb from the WINx site may help explain:

  • “W.I.N. is an acronym for life’s most powerful question – What’s Important Now? Why are these three words life’s most powerful question? Because of their simplicity and their diversity. W.I.N. is a guiding principle for leadership, training, planning, decision making, personal growth and life.
  • “X is the ‘X’ Factor; the unknown. The unknown is what exactly you will experience during this one day event that will change your life.”

I’m excited to spend time with a group of dedicated law enforcement professionals and speakers. For me, Pursuit For Change and saving innocent bystander and law enforcement officer lives is critical; perhaps now more than ever (WIN).

These events allow me to continue my life-long journey of learning (knowledge). These events allow me to meet and better understand individuals who lead very different lives than I do (relationships).

And, hopefully, personal and Pursuit For Change activities, such as WINx, can bring me greater inner peace to balance everything that life’s tossed in my direction.

adminRelationships. Knowledge. Inner Peace

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