Wild pursuit ends with crash in Shawnee

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A pursuit spanning several counties this morning has ended in Shawnee, where the vehicle crashed near a Shawnee business along Harrison Street.

Several law enforcement vehicles are damaged as a result of the chase.

The chase reportedly began near Holdenville.

Reports from Shawnee police indicate that the pursuit of a stolen vehicle began in Hughes County. Seminole County, Seminole police, tribal police, Pottawatomie County deputies and the Oklahoma Highway Patrol became involved as that pursuit continued.

At one point, they were traveling the wrong way on Interstate 40 and then exited at Kickapoo.

Shawnee Police Chief Mason Wilson said the pursuit came through Shawnee, hitting barricades and police vehicles along the way.

As a result, he said Hughes County, OHP, and Shawnee had damaged police vehicles.

The suspect was cornered in the parking lot of Buddy’s Home Furnishings and was taken into custody, he said.

Wilson said it was a very nice effort by all area law enforcement to stop the suspect without anyone getting injured.

As word of the chase spreads, many who saw it or were close to the action are commenting on Facebook.

One driver wrote:

“It was right by earlsboro exit. I went to pass a car on the highway, and right before I had seen about three cops on the other side of the highway, going the opposite direction, and didn’t really think nothing of it. Then when I got in the left lane, I had seen cop lights a little ahead of me coming in my direction, and then I had seen the vehicle, I think it was black or dark blue, coming straight for me, so of course I jerked back in the right lane. Luckily I didn’t get hit, my child was in the car with me.”

Watch for more updates as they become available.


adminWild pursuit ends with crash in Shawnee

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